Welcome to Tiny Steps

Welcome to Tiny Steps

OUR AIM Welcome to Tiny steps, our aim is to provide a sensory play area and social cafe for children and young people with additional needs and their families. It is often hard to find activities that are accessible and enjoyable for families in this situation. our plan is to change this by providing this …


NOVEMBER 2013 2/11/2013 – Hell Run,Delamere Proud Dad of Connie Martin (Clifton) pictured below Martin completed the hell run in 2hours 8minutes, Welldone, and raised £200. Jim McKee and Roger Rayner also completed the Hell Run up north.  Jim McKee  completed it in 1hour 49 minutes . Roger Rayner in 2hours . Welldone To them. Jim …


JULY 2013  Beechwood Farm Nursery,Cuddington,Northwich. Beechwood farm day nursery kindly donated over £400 to start the charity after they held their summer fair , a huge thank you to all those involved at the  nursery for their contributions.